To facilitate these works we need to be out of the main building during the period 22nd October to 30th November 2018. While it is hoped to keep it to a minimum, some disruption is inevitable, and we ask for your patience and co-operation.
This will cover the last Sunday in October and all those in November. Services will remain at the usual times of 9.45 am, 11.30 am and 6.30 pm in the Elliott Hall. Since we are limited for space, this will mean some rearrangement.
Youth and Children’s programmes will run at the 9.45 am service. Those who usually participate in the children’s programmes should go directly to their regular place of meeting, rather than coming into the Elliott Hall.
Toddler crèche will be in downstairs crèche room and babies in upper room at rear of Elliott Hall.
A particular request would be that if you do not have a member of your family participating in the Youth and Children’s programmes you would please consider attending the 11.30 service, to give a more even spread of numbers . Both morning services will follow a similar pattern and style.
For health and safety reasons while we are out of the main building we are unable to serve tea/coffee between the morning services. With safety in mind, please do not enter the main building during these works, as it will in effect be a building site.
It would be of great assistance if you were able to provide help each Saturday at 2pm to set up the Elliott Hall, and after each evening service to clear away afterwards.