Family Ministry at Knock exists to care & support all our members

Family Ministry at Knock

Family Ministry at Knock exists to care for and support all members of our church family. We offer a range of courses which address issues arising at different stages of life, alongside events for our whole church family and a programme of summer events for our more senior members.




A cornerstone of Family Ministry throughout the year is our Faith@Home programme, which is designed to equip parents to pass on their faith to their children in the midst of everyday life. This runs from September to June each year, normally on the second Sunday of the month during the 9.45 service. Each session is geared towards a different age group of children or young people and their parents.

The Parenting Children Course is for parents or carers of children aged 0-10 years. It is a five session DVD based course featuring the views of parents, children and a range of parenting experts.

Topics covered include: Building Strong Foundations, Meeting our Children’s Needs, Setting Boundaries and Teaching Healthy Relationships.

The Parenting Teenagers Course is for parents whose children are in the 11-18 age group.

It is a five session DVD based course featuring the views of parents, teenagers and a range of parenting experts and looking at how parents can set boundaries for teenagers and help them to develop their emotional health, make good choices and grow into well-balanced, responsible adults.

Marriage preparation is a requirement for all couples getting married in Knock. Everyone who has done The Marriage Preparation Course has really enjoyed it and thought it was a very helpful start to their marriage.

Like our other courses, it is also open to anyone outside Knock.

Over the five sessions couples will look at the importance of commitment, how to recognise and appreciate their differences, the art of communication, resolving conflict, how to develop a good sexual relationship and making each other feel loved.

As with The Marriage Course, couples sit at individual tables and will never be required to discuss their relationship with anyone else.

The Marriage Course is for couples who have been married for 2 – 60+ years! Sitting at individual candlelit tables they watch video clips interspersed with exercises and discussion.

Over the seven sessions they will discover practical tools to help them understand each other’s needs, communicate more effectively, grow closer through resolving conflict, heal the ways they have hurt each other, recognise how their upbringing affects their relationship, improve relationships with parents and in-laws, develop greater sexual intimacy and discover each other’s love languages.Dessert and coffee is served halfway through each evening and the final session begins with a meal.

Contact Nicki Jemphrey (Family Ministry Co-Ordinator) for information on all the courses above: 07840924505   njemphrey@knockpresbyterian.co.uk


Jamboree is a hands-on morning full of fun, stories and activities all with Jesus at the heart! The first hour includes a range of activities and crafts for the children. These are based around the story or theme of the morning. Tea, coffee and treats are available for those who wish to chat and catch up! After an hour, we come together for some songs and a Bible story. Then it’s time for food! Jamboree happens once or twice a term and is a great place to invite friends to.

Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching. Proverbs 1:8