Treasuring God – Reflecting His Glory
At Knock we believe that God has specifically given us the gift of music and singing as an eternal means of exalting [praising, honouring] Him and exulting [rejoicing, delighting] in Him. As we meet each week as a family of faith, it is our desire that music and singing would help knit us together by His Spirit through the heart-igniting truth of all God is for us in Jesus Christ.

If you love God and music, there are many ways to serve with us in Music Ministry at Knock:

  • Praise groups (every Sunday)
  • Everybody Choir/Orchestra (as arranged throughout year)
  • Christmas Eve singing group (meeting Nov/Dec)
  • Youth led bands
  • King’s Cross Club Band (first week in August)
  • Sound & Visual teams

Please contact Nathan via for more information

‘For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’ (Matthew 6:21)