We warmly welcome visitors to Knock

Welcome to Sundays


We want to be a community that is welcoming to all who come to share with us as we worship God every Sunday, so we hope the first thing you will experience is a warm welcome!

All of our services will include opportunities for everyone to join in singing praise to God, times when people will lead us in prayer, read the Bible and seek to explain it so we can understand and apply it in our lives. Usually there is an offering, but we don’t want our guests to feel awkward about that, it is a way for the members to contribute to the ongoing work of the church, you may decide for yourself what to do.

Most of our families with children would attend the 10.30am service, where there is a crèche, Sunday School (we call it Lighthouse) and Bible Classes (we call them Madhouse and Souled Out). The music would be played on a variety of different instruments by various praise groups who take it in turn to help lead our worship, which is also the case for our 6.30 pm service.

We aspire to be an intergenerational community, so we welcome people of all ages to any or all of these services. Each time we gather to worship we expect not simply to meet with one another, but also to meet with God as he speaks to us in his word by the Holy Spirit.

Ways to connect


We warmly welcome visitors to Knock and we are delighted if they want to stay and be part of God’s family along with us. Some may join us from other churches, having made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ already.

Finding your place in a large congregation like Knock is helped by:

You will find more information about both of these in other parts of the website, and I encourage you to do so as both provide ways to expand and deepen your membership far beyond Sunday alone.

Usual Service times

10:30am (Children’s and youth provision)


Keep up to date with our news for changes to, or special service times.

Find Your Way – Sunday Morning Map

“For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11