Elders & Committee



Presbyterian churches derive their name from the ‘Presbyterian’ form of church government, which is government by representative assemblies of elders. In each Presbyterian Church there are two types of Presbyters: the first is the Teaching Elder who is also called preacher, evangelist, teacher, pastor or minister, and is commissioned to preach God’s Word, to administer the sacrements as well as to instruct the people, in addition to the oversight of the Church in conjunction with the Ruling Elders. The other is the Ruling Elder who is elected by the congregation and appointed to watch for souls and to exercise government and discipline in conjunction with the Teaching Elder.

Session Meetings

In a Presbyterian congregation, all matters of doctrine, discipline, worship and order are the responsibility of the Kirk Session. The role of the Session is “to work together with the minister in the oversight and governance of the congregation, for the up building of God’s people in spiritual fruitfulness and holy accord, and for the extension of Christ’s kingdom.”

Session meetings are ‘representative assemblies’ or courts of the Church. There are two other similar courts within PCI which are Presbytery and the General Assembly. Knock’s Session is accountable to the Presbytery for its leadership and oversight of the congregation, and East Belfast Presbytery is then accountable to the General Assembly.

The Kirk Session’s role is to

  • look after and promote the spiritual interest of the congregation, and of persons not connected with any congregation who are within its bounds;
  • ensure a scheme for pastoral care is in place in the congregation,
  • seek to further the contribution of the Church to Christian witness and service in the local community;
  • approve such measures of practical co-operation with other Churches as may involve the life and work of the congregation.

Knock’s Session currently has approximately 28 serving Elders and meets monthly (on Thursday evenings). For more information contact the Clerk of Session

Hugo Wilson
T: 07714 220803
E: hwilson@knockpresbyterian.co.uk


Congregational Committee


The Congregational Committee at Knock Presbyterian Church consists of members of Session together with approximately 30 members elected from the congregation. Elections are held as requested by Session which is normally every three years. The committee is responsible for the temporal affairs of the congregation as outlined in Presbyterian Church in Ireland Code. The work of the committee is divided between sub-committees and can be summarised as follows:

Resources and Finance Sub-Committee manage the financial affairs of the Congregation including preparation of accounts, payments, budgeting, employment issues, mission support and congregational giving.

Social and House Sub-Committee manage and co-ordinate the catering and domestic matters at the church. This includes the management of the kitchen facilities, food hygiene training and provision of catering at many of the functions held at the church.

Works Sub-Committee is responsible for the maintenance of all of the church buildings and halls, and also oversees all necessary aspects relating to Health and Safety.

Grounds Sub-Committee is responsible for the upkeep of all lawns, trees, hedges and planted areas. Grounds also co-ordinate the many groups which help with many aspects of this work.

The current post holders within committee are:

ChairIvan McMinn
SecretaryDorothy Dunlop
Convener Resources and FinanceStephen Curragh
Conveners Social and HouseMarion Mayes, Joanna McDonnell
Convener WorksMark Mayes
Convener GroundsPaul McDonnell

Anyone wishing to contact the Congregational Committee please email secretary@knockpresbyterian.co.uk

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