Uganda Partnership

Partnering for empowerment

Uganda Partnership Team (UPT)

As a church we entered into a partnership with the Diocese of Muhabura, South West Uganda, in 2012.  The partnership, which is facilitated through Tearfund’s Connected Church Programme, has the following aims;

  1. To enlarge congregational understanding of “mission” in the 21st century. 
  2. To provide a focus for mission engagement in an overseas context. 
  3. To develop a meaningful link with a Christian organisation in a developing country. 
  4. To understand the causes of poverty in the developing world and to consider what we, as Christians in east Belfast, can do to alleviate poverty and injustice wherever i

Specifically we raise funds each year to support two projects; WASH – Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and CCM – Church and Community Mobilisation.  

The WASH projects works with local artisans to build water storage facilities in remote areas which not only give people direct access to clean water, but also allows children and young people attend School regularly rather than have to collect water from standpipes which are often some distance from where they live.

The CCM project is an evidenced based framework for helping communities identify their shared needs and work with their collective resources to meet that need.  Our support helps fund the training programme for church leaders to be equipped to lead their communities to identify and meet their agreed goals.

Visits Strengthen Partnerships

The partnership has really come alive through visits of teams from Knock to the Diocese as well as regular reciprocal visits from Bishop Cramer, bishop of the diocese, to Belfast.  These visits have built a depth and warmth to our fellowship and teaches us so much as a church family about being part of a global church community. 

Regular updates about the projects, as well as team visit videos, can be found at [insert link].

For further information please contact the Chair of the Uganda Partnership Group, 

Helen McNeely 


Visit their website for more information about the Diocese of Muhabura

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