One week down,  week to go!
It is hard to believe the team is already halfway through its stay in Kisoro with our partners from Muhabura Diocese.  The team sends thanks for your prayers and encouragement throughout the first ten days of its time away. Rev David Moore and Rev Moore Casement are now safely back in Belfast having spent the first week with the team, teaching and preaching along with Bishop Cranmer in the Diocese.  The Youth Team has spent several days at Seseme Girls’ School, leading Bible studies, singing and dancing, even when the rainfall on the roof threatened to deafen them.  Even so, there were some good conversations with the girls about their education and their futures.
The team has also visited Potters Village to see the recent construction work, and, as ever, had a chance to cuddle the babies! They visited a bee-keeping project in the Church and Community Mobilisation Programme and got their first taste of slashing their way through jungle foliage (or so it seemed to them).  They have spent a day at Muhabura Centenary Primary School, with more to come.  Nicky introduced Gerald the giraffe (glove puppet) who was so popular that kids on their way home from school later dropped by at the guesthouse to see him again.  The team has worshipped in the cathedral – even when all the singing and preaching was in the local language Rufumbira, sung with a youth choir, visited the displaced Batwa community  and explored the coffee shops of Kisoro.
At the end of their first week they relaxed by kayaking at a local lake.  All have become much better at board and card games in the evenings.  They’ve been encouraged by the devotions led by different members of the team.  They keep saying to their families at home in Knock – they are very thankful for all the messages of support from home and have been praying for services at Knock. They are due home on Monday 18th July
If you bump into David or Moore this week, ask them what it’s like!  And please keep praying.