@TheCastle is a twice yearly weekend of bible teaching, praise and fellowship for young adults. We take a book of the Bible and hear 5 talks that help us get to grips with the main message and themes of the book. There’s also a Q&A session which allows people to ask questions about the talks and/or anything else they have always wanted to ask!

There is 1 talk on Friday night, 2 on Saturday morning, 1 on Saturday night, and 1 talk plus the Q&A on Sunday morning. All main meals are catered for if required and on the Saturday afternoon there is free time with most people going for walks or heading into Newcastle. Most people go for the whole weekend but you can mix and match. Some people only come for one night; others only come for a day and don’t stay either night.

Pricing ranges from £75 for whole weekend (£70 if student or unwaged) with 2 nights accommodation and all meals down to £5 for just attending one talk, with every other possible option priced accordingly in between.

The speaker for this Castle is Rev Dr Martyn Cowan of Union Theological College. He will be speaking on the Book of Esther. See links to further info about him and the Book of Esther (https://vimeo.com/241499663; https://vimeo.com/242239180).

Why should people go? God’s Word is how we are changed and here we are exposed to a whole weekend of God’s Word; the Book of Esther is such a relevant book for our times where we live in cultural decline; Marty is a fantastic, learned and very accessible bible teacher; the price is very reasonable; it gives an opportunity for people to take time out and focus on Christ (especially with Christmas coming up); and it provides a chance to meet people at your age and stage of life.

For more information talk to David Keys