This week we’re taking Everybody Sunday online as we wrap up our
Root and Fruit series in which we’ve been working our way through
the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-25.
Like a regular Everybody Sunday we’ll have some activities before our
service, then you’ll log off the activities and do the service in your own home
and then come back to join us for Zoom coffee, during which we’ll have a
few interviews with folks from our church (already arranged…don’t worry,
you won’t be put on the spot!).

Zoom details are in the weekly email. If you need them, contact Dave

Zoom details are in the weekly email. If you need them, contact Dave

10:00-10:30am – Activities

  • Acoustic Praise – join Nathan and a few of our other singers and musicians for a time of acoustic praise.
  • Quiz and Scavenger Hunt – get competitive with Paul’s quiz and scavenger hunt.
  • Bible Study – join Dave as he looks at the account of Pentecost.

10:30-11:30am – Service

• Use this time to watch though our Everybody Sunday service – it’s all
recorded with various people taking part this week and lasts about 35

If you’re watching with kids, download our Notes and Doodles sheet to help them track along with the talk

One part of our normal worship service is our offering. Please see the information in the announcement section below as to how you can continue to give to God’s work in and through Knock in the coming weeks and months

11:30-12:30am – Zoom Coffee

• Join us for Zoom coffee and hear Nicky and Nicki interview a few folks
from church about their lockdown experience and what they’ve been