Lighthouse Link Up            Sunday 17th January


Remember: Jesus’ miracles are signs that point us to who he is and what he came to do.


Read: Mark 9: 14-29 / Watch this week’s Lighthouse Link Up video


(you could also read Mark 6: 30 – feeding of 5000 / Mark 4 – Jesus calms storm)


Learn: (This was to be our Lighthouse verse for the month – and as we started learning it last week, we will continue with it!)

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much. Luke 16: 10a


Do: Go for a walk today or during the week and count how many signs you see (road signs, information signs…) What do they tell you?



Talk about all the stories you know where Jesus does something miraculous.

What does today’s story, and other miracle stories, teach us about who Jesus is and what he came to do?

(Jesus is God’s son – he can do what only God can do. He came to rescue those who put their trust in him – show God’s love, power etc.)

Following Jesus is an everyday adventure! How can we keep going when it gets tough?



Do: Make your own sign post. Either use the template provided or make one by using a lollipop stick or a pencil. Stick it in some blue tac or playdoh so that it stand up. On a piece of paper write, Jesus is God’s Son and stick it to your pencil/stick!