Lighthouse Link Up Mark 2: 1-12

Remember: Jesus forgives us. We can put our faith in him.


Read: Mark 2: 1-12

Key verse: When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralyzed man, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” Mark 2: 5

Watch: Jesus heals a man

Sing: My Lighthouse


Think: If you watched any of our King’s Cross Club videos, you will have heard stories about those who put their faith in Jesus and how they shared this with others (you can find all the videos on our YouTube channel – Knock Presbyterian Church).

In our passage today, four friends bring their friend to Jesus as he needed help. They are so keen for him to meet Jesus that they lower him through a roof!

I wonder… what would you have been thinking if you were part of the crowd inside the house? What would you have seen and heard?

This man’s friends had placed their trust in Jesus and they hoped that he would heal him – Jesus saw their faith.

How does it help us to think of faith a bit like a muscle? (it grows stronger the more we exercise it)

What are some ways that we can grow our faith (read God’s word, pray and remember how God answers your prayers, do the Lighthouse activities, talk about what Jesus has done with your friends and family.)

But Jesus did something before he healed him. He forgave him!

Why might this have been a surprise to the crowd? (only God can forgive sin – so they might have wondered who Jesus was).

What does this teach us about Jesus? (He is God’s son).


Do: This is one of our memory verses from KCC – do this memory verse.

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