Lighthouse Link Up – Self-control

REMEMBER – God knows what is best for us. We ask the Holy Spirit to help us know this and follow God’s way and not our own!

SING – Counting on God

Learn: Galatians 5: 25

Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.

As you go on a walk today, or this week, say this verse in step with your steps! Remind each other that as followers of Jesus, we are guided by him and the Holy Spirit helps us know him more and become more like him. Try and keep ‘in step’ with another person on your walk and remember how close the Holy Spirit is to those who love him.

Challenge: Did you see the marshmallow challenge at the start of Dave’s video? Why not try this at home! You could use marshmallows or chocolate… who seems to have the most self-control in your family?! While it is difficult to show self-control and might involve us being patient, living God’s way is the best way we can live and brings us great true joy and true blessing.

Game: If you have Jenga (or something similar!), set this up and play a game together. As it gets trickier, notice how your self-control is challenged!

Read: Proverbs 25: 28

Like a city whose walls are broken through is a person who lacks self-control.

Imagine a city surrounded by walls that protect the people from enemies. What would happen to this city if its walls were broken through by attackers?  What can happen to us when we struggle with self-control? When we follow our own way, instead of God’s, we get out of step with the Spirit. We may be tempted to disobey God.

Watch this video about Adam and Eve.

Can you think of other times in the Bible where someone did not show self-control? (Cain, the Prodigal Son) How about people who did show self-control? (David when he could have harmed Saul, Daniel in not eating the king’s food/praying to God even when forbidden, Jesus when tempted in the desert).

Even though it is called self-control, we can’t do this on our own. It is the Holy Spirit at work in us who helps us make good choices and follow Jesus. We have a part to play in listening to God and being obedient!

Think: In what areas of your life do you most need help with self-control? (talking about others, spending too much time online, not spending enough time reading the Bible, praying, helping around the house, doing homework.)

Where have we noticed others in our house being self-controlled this week?

Are there ways we can help each other be more self-controlled?

Do: Make a junk fort out of any junk you have in the house to remind you of Proverbs 25: 28

Make a spiral and decorate it with the words of Galatians 5: 25. Use this template

Colour in this sheet.

Pray: Thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit and ask that you may walk in step with him this week. Why not draw around your feet and write Stop and Pray in the feet outline! Ask the Holy Spirit to help you Stop and Pray when you are tempted to not show self-control.